Complementary & Alternative Modalities

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Our utmost concern is for the health and well-being of our patients and staff. In furtherance of our infection prevention and control program, we cannot currently provide certain complementary and alternative healthcare services that we generally offer. However, we are mindful of the considerations that may allow us to relax these restrictions in the future, consistent with state and federal agency guidance, and we are hopeful that we can begin to offer these services again soon.

Caring for the Whole Person: Body, Mind & Spirit 

In addition to providing traditional, Western medical care, Brookside Rehabilitation & Wellness offers an array of complementary and alternative healthcare services including massage, Chinese Medicine, Aromatherapy, Reiki, and Reflexology. We also employ a spiritual services provider to serve support patients’ spiritual needs.  

    • Massage – Massage brings the power of conscious touch to awaken the body and soul, thereby reducing stress and anxiety, calming the nervous system, and improving circulation.
    • Chinese Medicine – Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture, is commonly used for relaxation, pain management, and immune support.
    • Aromatherapy – Clinical aromatherapy provides an aromatic influence commonly used to reduce agitation and anxiety. Aromatherapy also supports the immune system and promotes healthy skin quality.
    • Reflexology – Reflexology is an alternative form of applying gentle pressure to points on the feet, promoting relaxation and a healthier balance of the body’s systems.
    • Spiritual Wellness – Through the power of compassionate listening, companionship, and prayer (as requested), Brookside Rehabilitation & Wellness provides a strong and impactful spiritual support program to assist patients through challenges in their lives.  



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