Clinical Recovery Programs

Two women performing rehabilitation exercises together.
Brookside Rehabilitation & Wellness therapists are available 7-days per week to provide a variety of therapy services under physician-prescribed orders.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Following a heart attack, diagnosis of heart disease, or heart surgery, the clinical team will create an individualized program aimed at meeting the specific needs and goals of each patient in our care.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Our compassionate and dedicated staff is committed to your comprehensive orthopedic rehabilitation, including:
      • Joint replacement
      • Spine surgery
      • Fractures

Wound Care Management

Certified through the National Alliance of Wound Care & Ostomy, our certified wound and ostomy nurses handle all of your needs related to wound care, ostomy care, and wound therapy. Additionally, we have a dietitian that will monitor your nutritional intake to maximize the wound healing process.

Conditions that benefit from specialized wound management include:

      • Arterial ulcers
      • Diabetic foot ulcers
      • Pressure ulcers
      • Venous Stasis ulcers
      • Vascular ulcers
      • Chronic wounds
      • Non-healing surgical wounds
      • Traumatic wounds

Pain Management Services

Chronic pain is a complex medical condition that can have profound effects on a person’s physical and mental well-being. Through individualized pain management, patients may experience more functionality and independence, resulting in a better quality of life.

Pain Management services may be available to our patients, including conditions such as:

      • Arthritis
      • Cancer pain
      • Collision-related injury
      • Compression fractures
      • Degenerative medical conditions
      • Disc herniations
      • Neck and low back pain
      • Neuropathy
      • Pain following surgical procedures

IV Antibiotic Therapy

      • Post-Op
      • Medical conditions
      • IV fluids/medication management

Complex Care Services

We also offer support for patients requiring:
      • Stroke recovery
      • Neurological care for progressive conditions such as Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis
      • IV Antibiotics, TPN
      • Diabetes management and teaching
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